Wilkerson Farm
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Wilkerson Growout Farm

This operation is currently leased from Cargill Turkey Production, LLC. and is located on a 450 acre tract of land approximately 8 miles from the Sedberry-Sulak Complex.  The growing program at Wilkerson is to finish-only 62,000 light hens.  The poults are started at another Cargill contracted brooder farm and delivered at an age of 5 to 6 weeks and harvested at approximately 12 to 13 weeks of age.  The annual program is 5 flocks per year for a total production of 310,000 head started. 

Facility Specifications

  • 4 - 600'x50' Barns (120,000 sq. ft.)
  • Each Barn features AgriVent™ Environmental Controls, Big Dutchman™ Feeding Systems and Impex™ Drinking Systems
  • Each barn is equipped with tunnel ventilation, baffle curtains, fogger system
  • 96,000 lbs. Feed Storage per Barn (384,000 lbs Total)
  • 750 gal. Propane Storage per Barn
  • Dual Water System
  • Two deep water wells with 10,000 gallon storage tank.
  • Water Treatment Facility (Chlorination / Acidification / Medication)
  • 180 KW Emergency Backup Generator
  • Flock Operations Building
  • NRCS Approved Mortality Composting Facility
  • Onsite Living Quarters (3 Bedroom Brick Home)

Growing Program

Flocks Per Year 5
Flock Sex Hens
Birds per Flock 60,000
Growing Period Day 42 to Day 90
Cycle Period 10 Weeks

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