Sulak Farm
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Sulak Growout Farm

This finishing facility is owed by Smotherman Farms and is located on a 102 acre tract of land on the northeast corner of Patton Branch and Rodgers Hill roads in northwest McLennan County, Texas.  This farm was constructed in 1989 by Plantation Foods of Waco, Texas.  Plantation Foods subsequently was purchased by Cargill, Inc.  The Sulak Farm was sold to Smotherman Farms, Ltd. in September of 2002 and contracted as an independent grower for Cargill Turkey Production, LLC. (Waco Plant)  

Facility Specifications

  • 4 - 600'x50' Barns (120,000 sq. ft.)
  • Each Barn features AgriVent™ Environmental Controls, Big Dutchman™ Feeding Systems and Jumbo-T™ Drinkers
  • Each Barn has twin rows of 12 - 36" stir fans for cooling.
  • 96,000 lbs. Feed Storage per Barn (384,000 lbs Total)
  • 1,500 gal. Propane Storage per Barn
  • Dual Water System
  • Water Treatment Facility (Chlorination / Acidification / Medication)
  • Flock Operations Building/Office & Shop
  • NRCS Approved Mortality Composting Facility
  • 600 lbs TCEQ/NRCS Approved Dual Burner Mortality Incinerator
  • Onsite Living Quarters (3 Bedroom Brick Home)

Growing Program

Flocks Per Year 5
Flock Sex Hens
Birds per Flock 60,000
Growing Period Day 42 to Day 90
New Flock Cycle Period Every 15 Weeks

Interesting Facts

  • Between 1 day of age and 90 days of age, a flock of turkey hen poults will consume about 1.8 Million lbs of feed, or about 32 lbs per bird.
  • On average a turkey hen will grow from 3oz. upon her arrival at the farm to over 15 lbs when she leaves after 12 1/2 weeks.

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