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As part of an EQIP program contract we cleared an additional 23.75 acres of timber and heavy underbrush located on our brood farm during this past summer.  Currently we are preparing the soil for spring planting of improved costal Bermuda .

Under the same EQIP program we will also plant one of the 40 acre pastures on the grow-out farm with improved coastal Bermuda .  Once this new pasture is fenced and in production we will have a third pasture in our grazing rotation.

During the removal process, the heavily timber property was thinned and not cleared.  Many old growth Post & Red Oak trees were left standing. Only enough timber was removed to allow grasses to be established.

We discovered after thinning the timber and underbrush that extreme erosion had occurred below a stock tank on the property.  We constructed shaped draws to direct any future runoff into filter strips. These strips will be planted with Costal Bermuda for trapping contaminants and sediments from the up-gradient water bodies.

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