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Sedberry Farm, our brooder farm, is the only yellow page listing under “Farm”, likewise we receive several calls per year from local schools and childcare facilities requesting field-trips to our brooder farm.  We are more than happy to arrange a tour of our farms assuming the children’s and the poults’ ages are appropriate.  We have also had some general maintenance/ repair work performed by the local high-school Ag class as part of their coursework in agriculture equipment.

At the beginning of this school year we hired a student from the agriculture-vocational education program from a nearby high school.  This student had completed all of his graduation credits as of last school year and is working full-time.  During this year he will be exposed to all aspects of our facilities, as well as ranch-hand duties.  His progress is reported to the program director at the school on a monthly basis. 

Additionally, located approximately 1 mile from our farm is a half-way house operated by a local church outreach program.  Whenever we need temporary labor we try to utilize the men from this facility.

Dana and I regularly attend a local “get-together” of farmers & ranchers from the  area where issues and concerns are discussed and addressed. 

The only restaurant within 10 miles is located within 1000 yards of our owned grow-out facility.  This restaurant has outdoor functions several times a year.  As a good neighbor policy we work with the owners of the restaurant in timing our fly control fogging etc. with their events.  We also assist them with fly control for the restaurant property on the day of their functions.

 I believe that it is extremely important to be the best neighbor that we can be and be an asset to the community around our farm.  We work very hard to keep our fence rows mowed and weed-free, our signage neat and lighted at night and our grassy areas around the farm neatly mowed.  We take pride in our presence here and love to hear the praises from visitors, as well as neighbors about our farm’s appearance

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