Brush Management
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The leased operation contains approximately 480 acres.  This acreage has not been used for grazing in approximately 10 years.  It contains several areas of various sizes that were void of tall timber and over-grown with a 10+ year growth of mesquite, juniper, cedar and thorn bearing woody brush.  These areas have very-well established improved Bermuda grasses, but were inaccessible due to the encroachment of mesquites and other woody brush.  In 2006, we cleared these open areas using mechanical tree shears and basal herbicide treatments.  The growth was cut at ground-level, the exposed stump was treated to prevent re-sprout and the tree carried to common areas for later burning.  This project opened up about 200 acres for hay production.  We also cleared some of the areas not planted with Bermuda grasses to allow native grasses and vegetation to re-establish as forage for deer and other wildlife in the area.  During the winter we fallow disk these areas to further promote the return of this type of vegetation.

We also utilize a small herd of registered Boer Goats (50-60 head) within the barn compound at the leased farm to control weeds and brush.  This has almost eliminated the need for frequent use of weed control herbicides, as well as constant shredding during the growing season.

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