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Texas Poultry Federation
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Smotherman Farms strives to promote environmental stewardship in all aspects of its operations.  

In our society today, people often take for granted the fresh clean air that we breathe and abundant fresh water that is so vital to our very survival.   In our fast paced world we expect all of the conveniences that our technologies have made us accustomed to and sometimes disregard the costs to our natural resources.  Of course, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect these resources, but we believe that our industry, agriculture, has a higher charge.  We must strive to use practices that will not only maintain, but improve our environment.  The livestock, poultry and crops that we produce are vital sources of food and we must provide them responsibly.

We believe it is also important for us as poultry operations to present a professional image.  Clean and neat production areas and well kept pastures of green grasses with grazing herds go along way in making our farms assets to our communities.

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