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Smotherman Farms, Ltd. is a limited liability partnership between Ken, Jr. & Dana Smotherman (managing partners) and Ken, Sr. & Rita Smotherman (investors/mentors).  The operation consists of 2 owned farms located on separate tracts of land totaling 148 acres.  The owned farms consist of a brood facility having 2 houses and a grow-out facility consisting of 4 houses for finishing.  Total square footage of these facilities is 177,000 sq. ft.  Smotherman Farms also operates an additional farm that is leased from Cargill Turkey Production.  This leased facility is located on a different tract of 450 acres and is approximately 8 miles from the owned farms.  This facility consists of 4 grow-out houses having a total square footage of 130,000 sq. ft.. All operations are located in north central Texas . 

Smotherman Farms has been in operation since September of 2002.  The farms were purchased from Cargill, Inc. and have continued to be in production as contract facilities of Cargill Turkey Production, LLC.-Waco Plant.  Smotherman Farms annual production is approximately 590,000 live head (8.3 million live pounds).


Ken Smotherman Jr. and his wife Dana manage the operation with the assistance of 3 additional employees.  Ken oversees general operation and manages hands-on the grow-out facilities, while Dana manages all brooder operations with the help from their daughters, Kasey & Whitney.  Ken & Dana also have a newborn son, Kenneth Wayne, born June 28th, 2007 .  Ken, Dana and their 3 children live onsite at the owned farms.  Smotherman Farms provides housing for our farm manager and his family at the leased farm.  

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